About us


We are a team of experienced app developers, medical professionals and regulatory experts who deliver tailored, innovative app solutions for the healthcare industry. We are passionate about assisting organisations and people to do their best work, to empower them in their care for others.

We pride ourselves on our ethical and socially responsible approach, as well as our ability to work effectively with clients to bring their vision to life, while keeping within timeframe and budget.

We are customer-focused and prioritise open communication and collaboration.

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Security Standards

GDPR by design

With encryption and GDPR-compliant features, our applications meet the highest standards of data security.

Application-level security

Our applications ensure that data is only available through secure login, with data access limited according to the role of the logged-in user.

Internet & web security

All data is transmitted via secure https. We use a platform (FatFractal) that regularly reviews policies to ensure the highest level of security.

Physical data security

Our apps are hosted on high security servers, with our NHS apps being hosted on N3 servers at Cambridge University Hospitals in the UK.