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The Cambridge Pain Education Seminar Series is a collection of eight videos developed by the Pain Service at Cambridge University Hospital. The videos are aimed at helping patients to better understand and manage chronic pain to achieve as good a quality of life as possible, as well as assisting patients’ families and carers in providing support. The series complements clinical pain management practice and helps patients to provide valuable information ahead of consultations.

The series covers:

  • An overview of the physiology of pain 

  • Information on pacing

  • Tips for managing stress

  • Stretches and exercises

  • Tips for managing and limiting pain flares

  • Tips for achieving good sleep


The app enables the Pain Service to load patients on to the system, which then automates the process of onboarding patients and tracking their progress through the Series. 



If you would like to know more about the Cambridge Pain Education web app, please contact us at

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