East of England

Getting the most out of local healthcare services.


Choose Well is a valuable tool for anyone who needs to access local healthcare services. While initially targeting NHS service users in Cambridgeshire, it can be readily tailored to the requirements of healthcare providers in other regions.


A simple questionnaire guides users to advice on the most appropriate type of service for them. All advice offered by Choose Well is based on current NICE and NHS England guidelines. It helps people understand the level of care they need and gives immediate tips about how to manage their condition before they get that care. The app gives user-specific information on NHS services in their region. By selecting the type of service required people can see the range of options available, relevant contact details and current waiting times. The app can even direct users to facilities giving approximate travel time, factoring in their location and the date and time of day.


In an urgent situation, having reliable information at the fingertips is invaluable.


  • By first delivering symptom-based advice to find the most appropriate type of care and then delivering status information about facilities, the app directs and informs choices while minimising treatment delays.

  • Choose Well signposts the range of local alternatives to A&E and the conditions for which they are most appropriate.

  • The app can be tailored for other organisations to accommodate differences in treatment pathways.

App overview


ChooseWell is available for download on both iOS and Android devices.

Navigating the app is quick and easy. The home screen offers the range of NHS services available and and single tap leads to detailed status information.


Avoided me waiting for hours!

"When my little girl fell on her her ankle (maybe broken?) I was planning to come to A&E. I thought that I would check the app to see how busy it was... it was red and it indicated that only emergency cases should come... so I checked the urgent care centres, they were open and with normal waiting times. So I drove there (an extra 10 minutes in the car) and we were seen within 10-15 minutes of arriving! What a service!"

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Great app


This app is amazing. It saved me waiting in the A&E for hours. I was diverted to a local clinic who dealt with my issue within 20mins.

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For more information about the Choose Well East of England app, or to enquire about a version of the app for your NHS location, email info@camdm.com.