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What we do

Cambridge Digital Health can help with app design, development, hosting, and when necessary, navigating the regulatory approval process. We provide excellent value for money and security assurances, and our extensive health sector experience has given us an intricate understanding of patient and healthcare staff requirements and industry nuances.

App planning and advice

Talk to us about what's involved in creating and deploying a successful project and how to get things started.  

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Prototyping and design

We can work with you to create a brand and design for your app, as well as create a clickable prototype if you're not ready to build the real thing. 

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App development

Our experienced team of project managers and developers can work with you to identify requirements, plan your app and bring it to life. 

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Marketing/Comms support 

We can help with getting input from your team, running focus groups and promoting your app to both internal and external audiences. 

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Health app development

​Some of our clients include:

  • Cambridge University Hospitals

  • Cambridge and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group

  • Oxford University Hospitals

  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital King's Lynn

  • Cambridge Hearing Trust

  • Cambridge University

  • The Evelyn Trust

  • Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust

  • Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine, Dubai

  • Anglia Ruskin University

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App Highlights

(find a full list of our live and in-progress apps, here)

End PJ Paralysis app

Supporting a global movement to get patients in hospital up, dressed and mobile to improve patient experience and recovery and shorten length of stay. 


ICU Diary App

Provides ICU staff and patient relatives with an easy to use, secure platform for recording patient diary entries, including images and audio.  



A valuable training resource for midwives that enables them to develop confidence and competency in recognising eye conditions in newborn babies.