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Skin Assist was built in collaboration with a consultant dermatologist to provide quicker access to skin specialist services. The app provides a secure, convenient photo consultation service, enabling a patient to submit images of a skin problem, and for the consultant to easily respond with their diagnosis and prescription. 


The ICU Diary app was developed in collaboration with clinical staff to assist the recovery of patients in intensive care units. It enables staff and relatives to easily create a secure and legible diary for the patient, which is presented to them as a printed booklet at an appropriate time in their recovery.

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DizzyCam was built in collaboration with a Cambridge Professor to help those who suffer from dizziness to document symptoms as they are occurring. It also enables the user to perform basic vestibular/audiological tests and document possible triggers. Users can review their information and, if they choose to, connect via the app with their clinician to share it.

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The Healthy Menopause app features and content were created by a multidisciplinary team of female health experts to help other women gain insight into how their body is responding to menopause. It enables convenient tracking of symptoms and other health markers and provides tailored information based on the user's profile. 

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Hear Glue Ear was developed in collaboration with paediatricians and audiologists to support learning and development in children with glue ear. It includes games, songs and audiobooks to help children work on developmental skills affected by the condition. These activities provide information to parents and clinicians via a portal, to give insight into the child's hearing levels.

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A-CAS was developed as a companion app to the Anesthetic Crisis Manual, a cognitive aid and crisis management resource for the operating theatre. It builds on the manual to enable quick identification of major scenarios requiring immediate therapeutic intervention.

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