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Eye Screen is a valuable tool for student midwives to develop competency in screening for neonatal eye conditions. Confidence and competency in midwives reduce the incidence of unnecessary clinic referrals, and ensures that those who need treatment, get it.


Originally developed in collaboration with Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, inspired by Senior Midwifery Lecturer, Lindsey Rose, Eye Screen is designed to augment the practice of those implementing the Newborn Infant and Physical Examination (NIPE) programme. NIPE is an NHS screening for congenital abnormalities which takes place within 72 hours of birth and again between 6 and 8 weeks of age.


Student midwives must develop their NIPE skills and increase their confidence through practice once qualified. However, as some conditions are relatively rare (according to Public Health England, just 2 or 3 babies in every 10,000 require treatment), it can take months before a midwife encounters a condition in practice. Eye Screen places several examples of multiple conditions at the student’s fingertips.

The app makes use of a library of clinical opthalmoscopic images to familiarise the student with a variety of conditions. When the student midwife feels confident in recognising conditions, they can choose to test their screening skills. Eye Screen presents 20 images of conditions at random and the student must decide whether what they are seeing is healthy or unhealthy.


The explanations that accompany the results can be downloaded as a PDF for the student’s records and to share with their tutor as evidence of competency.

Eye Screen is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. Web-based administration makes it easy for managers to grant access for their students, while a simple, intuitive interface makes for a smart training experience.