Good Day, Bad Day

A valuable tool in monitoring and improving staff morale and operational efficiencies

For employees:

  • Provide feedback to your employer with a few clicks, from the convenience of your mobile device

  • Provide more specific feedback if you wish

  • Choose to remain anonymous

  • Drive the changes that will improve your work day


For employers:

  • Easily 'take the pulse' of your organisation

  • Access results through an online dashboard

  • Receive regular reports that enable you to identify successes and issues

  • Show your employees you're listening and implementing


What do our clients say?

Good Day, Bad Day was launched mid-November 2017 in Cambridge University Hospital operating theatres, and the results are produced for us as a report monthly. These ratings can help us to quickly identify and respond to issues that may be affecting staff morale and productivity.


In August 2017, the senior management team put in place several innovative initiatives to improve morale and staffing issues in the operating theatres. The effect of these took some time to imbed and with the subsequent launch of the GDBD app we have been able to track these improvements and identify other areas to focus on. We still see submissions for Bad days and the report breaks this down by reason i.e. car parking, negative behaviour, lack of breaks. We follow these up where we can have influence, for example, reiterating behaviours we expect and finding ways of supporting breaks.


We also launched the GDBD app in our Sterile Services department and followed this with departmental meetings, using the data collected as a starting point for discussion. We were then able to demonstrate changes in the department with a ‘you said we did’ approach.


It’s a useful tool in staff satisfaction and we intend to introduce it to other remote areas of perioperative care and intensive care areas.

- Gareth Hayman, Operation Manager, Perioperative Care, Addenbrooke's Hospital

Examples of the app interface:


Examples of the report:

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Examples of the analytics web interface:


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