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An app providing insight, advice and reassurance





My Daily Log

You choose what you record. Log your symptoms, feelings, exercise, alcohol, menstruation and weight. The more you log, the more insight you gain.

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How are you feeling today?





Complete a short initial questionnaire to set up ‘My Profile’. This includes your menopause status, medical history and preferences so that messages are tailored and targeted. ‘My Profile’ can be edited at any time.

There is a profound lack of support and understanding about the menopause in our society; access to specialist NHS menopause clinics is limited and advice given by GPs reportedly lacking. Many women are isolated and misinformed as they ride out the effects of menopause.

The Healthy Menopause App aims to help. App’s features and content have been created by a multidisciplinary team of female health experts to help other women gain insight into how their body is responding to menopause.


By providing a means of conveniently tracking symptoms and other health markers, changes become clear and trends can be spotted*. Reliable, tailored information offers insight, advice and reassurance, encouraging and enabling good communication with the health services, where appropriate.


*The app is not intended to replace routine medical checks, other medical appointments, or the advice of a trained medical professional. If you have concerns about concerns about your health and wellbeing, you should seek professional medical advice, using the app to help you inform your appointments.

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All data is shown in convenient chart form, making changes and patterns easy to identify.



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Target Tracker

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This feature of the app allows you to take control of your alcohol and exercise. Your cumulative alcohol and exercise levels are displayed on a weekly basis to allow comparison with guidelines recommendations and set target levels.


Health Screens

You can view and log data concerning important healthcare markers – bone density, cardiovascular health, breast and cervical screening. Informed by information in your profile, possible risk factors are highlighted for each health area along with in-app links to lifestyle areas that will help manage those risks, as well as links to external recognised risk assessment tools.

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Planned new features

  • My Daily Log

Planned new features will allow you to log your caffeine intake, medication, blood pressure, diet and smoking

  • Target Tracker

Added features will allow you to track weekly caffeine intake and smoking. A medication recap for the week will highlight missed or skipped medication.

  • Health Screens

Two new health screens will allow you to take stock of your mental and sexual health.

  • Medication

This feature will allow you to track and manage your medication/supplements, and to set up reminders. By linking to My daily log and Trends you will be able to identify any effects medication has on your metrics and symptoms.

  • Calendar screen

Updates to calendar features will allow you to view, at a glance, the number of days since the start of your last cycle, and to access and edit historical logged info.

  • Employer features

Planned features will enable employers to better support women in the workplace.

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Menopausal women are the fastest growing workforce demographic,

with 3 out of 4 women experiencing symptoms, and 1 out of 4 experiencing serious symptoms.

The app can be offered as part of the employee support programme and be made available to female employees.

Employers will be sent regular reports based on anonymised aggregated data logged by employees. The information will enable identification and understanding of issues and problem areas and could be used to inform policy changes that might improve employee retention and productivity.


The app will provide information and contacts within the organisation to help employees access support.

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