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Helping critical care teams and emergency services 

efficiently access, record and manage ICU resources.

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Covid-19, an international healthcare crisis, has exhausted critical care resources. The COVID-19 ICU Status app has been developed for the East of England Critical Care Operational Delivery Network to enable critical care teams, emergency services and emergency departments in the East of England to easily view and record confirmed and suspected COVID-19 cases, as well as available ICU resources across the region. 

The app will provide East of England hospitals with easy access to information that would otherwise be time-consuming and difficult to access, with better visibility of current critical care resource status, and the ability to cope with demand from patients with COVID-19. This will facilitate better decision making with regard to the most appropriate location for critically-ill patients.

COVID-19 ICU Status enables the recording and viewing of:

- The Number of ICU beds per hospital in the East of England
- Bed and ventilator availability
- The number of suspected and confirmed COVID-19 cases
- The number of ventilated patients, non-ventilated patients and ECMO patients
- Patient outcomes 
The app was created by Cambridge Digital Health in partnership with the East of England Critical Care Operational Delivery Network and frontline medical staff decided on the app features.

The app is available for the East of England now and can be quickly adapted to be deployed in other regions. Hospital trusts or networks interested in using COVID-19 ICU Status should get in touch with Cambridge Digital Health by emailing

The COVID-19 ICU Status app was made possible because of the generous sponsorship of NOxProtekt.