The ICU Diary App

A valuable tool in aiding critical care patient recovery


The ICU Diary app was developed for clinical staff to assist in the recovery of patients who have been in Intensive Care Unit. ICU Patients commonly have no recollection of events during their admission and frequently have delusional memories which can increase the risk of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Evidence suggests that diaries help the patients to 'make sense' of what has happened to them by allowing them to 'piece the jigsaw together'. The diaries also help the patient to get an understanding of how unwell they have been during their ICU admission.

App Overview

The app, available on the web and iOS devices, allows clinical staff to easily create a safe, secure and legible diary for the patient, with the option of adding photographs and voice recordings. Diaries are written by the clinical staff for the patient, providing a daily account of the patient’s progress. They are written in 'everyday language' and often include news from home, who’s visited them and any major events that may have occurred during their stay. The diary is presented to the to the patient as a printed booklet at an appropriate time in their recovery. The printed version would include include photos, a glossary of terms and contact information.

"Thank you for my blog it was definitely very very helpful... I had a very nasty car accident in Dec last year. That part of the accident is a complete blank for me as I had a brain injury. It’s completely gone the time I was inside [in the ICU] and without the blog I would have nothing. I can honestly say these blogs are an amazing thing, like I say there was a massive hole that’s a bit smaller now. "  - ICU patient and diary recipient, 2018

Examples of the app interface:

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