Easy and accurate auditing and reporting for resuscitation trolley inventory.

i-Track provides at-a-glance information about the status of critical equipment. The app, which was initially developed for Cambridge University Hospital to track audits of resuscitation trolleys, has a scanning function which records when an individual piece of equipment is checked, by which member of staff and the time, date and type of the audit. There is a web app for managers to track and analyse audit records.

Recording an equipment check is straightforward. The user selects ‘record a check’, scans their personal badge, scans the trolley barcode and then the seal tag barcode on the resuscitation pack. iTrack compares barcodes with the previous check, identifying any changse. The audit is completed by recording the type of check performed, e.g daily, weekly, full, extra or training..


The status of equipment audit is clearly highlighted for managers by means of a traffic light system in which outstanding checks show up red, those performed on time are green and any that have been checked but were late are orange. Metrics can be broken down by division, ward and unit.

  • Designed for resuscitation trolleys but eminently adaptable to other equipment/organisations.

  • Enables issues to be quickly identified and rapidly resolved.

  • Encourages attention to detail by making staff accountable for the checks they perform.

App Overview

The interface is simple and easy to use. The home screen offers the option of ‘Check Audit Status’ or ‘Record a check’ and, once selected, invites the user to scan to begin the record or status check.

i-Track is available for download on both iOS and android devices.

Examples of the App Interface


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