Rapid Response Team

Ensuring available resources are utilised to give the best outcomes in critical operational environments

RRT provides real-time resource allocation triage for busy critical care services by enabling rapid response teams to match patients and their National Early Warning Score (NEWS) with appropriate healthcare professionals. Replacing or complementing existing paper and bleep message systems, it allows real-time information to be delivered directly to the tablet of each team member. Administrators use a web app to log new referrals.


Team members set their status on the app e.g. ‘Available’ or ‘With a patient’. Once a patient is added to the system along with their NEWS and other relevant information, the app allows organisers to locate, allocate and alert team members. Colour codes prioritise patients according to their urgency. The system provides key metrics for analysis, e.g. response times, proportion of cases escalated to consultants, number of patients reallocated, etc.


By efficiently matching the urgency with which a patient needs to be seen to the appropriate healthcare professionals available, the RRT app:


  • ensures patients are allocated and reviewed effectively

  • provides valuable metrics to drive operational improvements.


The app is relevant for other critical care environments and can be tailored to the needs of the organisation.

App Overview

Web-based administration makes it easy to set up the system for use in challenging operational
environments, while the app presents a simple, intuitive interface for team members. RRT is currently
available for download on iOS devices.


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